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Congratulations, you've just found the best kept secret in the Audio/Video industry!

Only a handful of fortunate individuals will be able to take advantage of this extremely rare opportunity to purchase a VAN SLYKE ENGINEERING A/V VIBRATION ISOLATION & DAMPING PRODUCT. This is simply because VSE can only manufacture a handful of products each year, and we try to keep it that way. WHY? See Q15 through Q18 at our FAQ link for the in-depth answers. You have to pity people who buy into the media hype and don't bother to fully research a product. They purchase the first "recommended" gizmo they see, that fits their budget, and call it "good enough." However, if you want the best man has to offer, then your extra effort will be highly rewarded, beyond your wildest dreams! Those motivated, intelligent people, who do take the time to shop around will eventually find what you are now reading - the Isolation & Damping Jackpot of Hi-End Performance!

Whether you are interested in our telescope and astroimaging products (see OTHER PRODUCTS link above), or isolation & damping platforms, you can be assured that you are receiving the finest possible products , period! And VSE offers a 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee on all products, and a Lifetime materials and workmanship warranty, so you really have nothing to lose.

What happened to our Midnight Express Turntables & Ruby Rod Tonearms? VSE has received so many calls and e-mails asking this question, that the following explanation was necessary. I apologize to the many future customers who were planning on purchasing a VSE turntable or tonearm, and I've heard from a lot of them. Unfortunately, these unique products had to be discontinued because of our extreme backlog of orders for our astronomy products (see OTHER PRODUCTS link above). Also, the low volume of orders for our new turntables and tonearms had a lot to do with this untimely decision. These relatively new products were introduced with a very limited advertising budget, so the low sales volume was to be expected for at least a few years until our reputation could be further developed. VSE did, and still does, offer the finest feature packed products on the market, and our prices are always ridiculously reasonable. If patience is your virtue, then these products may return someday. I even left an empty button for each of them above. But, for now, I can only offer the following [wordless] picture gallery as a remembrance. - PBVS

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